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2x Bonus for Lime
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: 100% airtime bonus
Date: month of December 2014
Denomination: 5 USD and up

Terms and conditions
- Bonus Credit is valid for only 7 days
- Bonus credit is valid for only on-net local LIME Mobile and Fixed Line calls
Multiple Bonus for Telenor
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: Free Bonus of 300 mins, 300 SMS, and 30 MB Internet
Operator: Telenor Pakistan
Country: Pakistan
Denominations: USD 5
Date: From 05 Dec 2014 00:00 To 04 Jan 2015 23:59 (GMT+05:00)

Terms and Conditions:
- Campaign Duration: 5th Dec 2014 until 4th Jan 2015 (both dates inclusive)
- Recharge amount per transaction which is sent by vendor to customer via International channel should be equal or greater than 5 USD
- Bonus will be: 300MINS, 300SMS and 30MB internet
- Validity Period: 3 days
- Bonus can be used for on-net (Call/Sms/2G Internet)
- Bonus will be posted within 48 hours to all qualified customers of the day (For qualified transactions of Friday bonus will be posted on Monday)
500% Bonus for Cellcom
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: 500% bonus
Operator: Cellcom Liberia
Date: from 4th August 2014 until December 31st

Terms & Conditions
- Available on all recharges
- Bonus expires 12 midnight the same day of recharge
- Bonus airtime can be used for ONNET calls only
100% Bonus for MTN
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: 100% bonus
Operator: MTN Liberia USD
Country: Liberia
Denominations: USD 5 and up
Date: From 11 Dec 2014 00:00 To 31 Dec 2014 23:59 (GMT+00:00)

Terms and Conditions:
- 100% bonus on net bonus for the receive
- Bonus for on net calls only
- Bonus valid for 14 days
26-29 December: 2x Bonus for Cubacel
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: Double (2x) Airtime Bonus
Operator: Cubacel (ETECSA)
Country: Cuba
Denominations: (CUC): 20 to 50
Date: From December 26th 00:00 EST to December 29th 23:59 EST; All dates are listed in US Eastern time.

Terms and Conditions:
- Both, initial amount and bonus amount do not have expiration date to be used.
- Bonus amount can be used for any service available to Cubacel prepaid customers, including the Nauta email service.
- Current prepaid rates will be applied to the bonus amount.
- Activation cycle: 330 days
- After the active period expires, Cubacel subscribers will enjoy 30 additional days to receive SMS and calls from other active mobile (TFA) or from mobiles outside Cuba. This period will allow the customer to Topup the mobile before it gets deactivated.
5x Bonus for Digicel
Terms and Conditions
Digicel TT has announced the following promotions From 12:00am Friday, December 19th to 11:59pm Wednesday, December 31st.

1. Promotion Type: the Digicel Diaspora 5 TIMES Bubble

2. Top Up Value that applies (in U.S. Dollars)

5 TIMES Bubble!!!
•The customer must send a minimum Top Up value of US/CAD$32.00 or more to
qualify to receive the 5 times bonus credit

3. Additional details:

A prepaid customer receives bonus credit equivalent to the credit purchased.

•Promotion is valid for minutes added from 12:00am December 19th to
11:59:59pm December 31st (TT time)
•To check bonus credit balance, dial *120*10#
•Bonus credit takes the minimum fifteen (15) minutes to be applied to account

4. Promotional Balance Expiration:
•Bonus credit expires in 7 days

5. Promotional Balance Exceptions (cannot be used for):
•Bonus credit is not transferable, and Credit U transactions are not included
•Bonus credit can be used for local Digicel-to-Digicel calls and SMS only
•Bonus applicable only to GSM mobile Top Up, not Broadband Top Ups
•Bonus credit cannot be used for MMS or other data services.
3x Bonus for Tigo
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: Bonus 3x
Operator: Tigo Honduras USD
Country: Honduras
Denominations: USD 6 - 50
Date: From 02 Dec 2014 00:00 To 31 Dec 2014 23:59 (GMT-06:00)

Terms and Conditions:
Triple Balance according to number termination:
- Monday: 0/1
- Tuesday: 2/3
- Wednesday: 4/5
- Thursday:6/7
- Friday:8
- Saturday: 9

- Promotional Balance applies for Calls inside the Tigo HN Network, All networks, and for USA & Canada calls.
- Expiration date: $6 to $9 --15 days; $10 to $50 -- 30 days.
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